Blog on Movie

The other day in class we watched a movie called “Declining By Degree”. The movie was about all different colleges and interviews from college students at big campuses. The college students told  how they felt on the differences were being a college student rathe then a high school student. Some comments from professors and adults said, “College is a necessity to stay in the high or middle class”. They also mentioned that, “More then half leave college before the student graduates”. “Grade inflation has been an issue for colleges”. “It is no good for a student to enroll in a college and then leave in the middle”. A statistic was said: that “1 in 4 students doesn’t make it to sophomore year”. Many people said that in big colleges “The large classes may be an economic text but is not the best way to teach”. Interviewers asked students how many hours a week do they actually study? Some students’ responses were “15 hours or less a week”. Many students mentioned that they were “Disappointed in how college was not challenging enough”. The students said that they were so used to hearing from high school teachers that College would be much harder, but the students didn’t feel that way.  This part of the movie was based on big colleges and I think would have different answers from students that go to smaller colleges. 


Second blog post

One of the non required reading assignments that was distributed in class was “The Sorority Body-Image Problem”. This excerpt was about  a girl who was in her junior year of college and wanted to transfer schools. She had been dreaming her whole life to attend UNC Chapel hill. So her junior year she transferred there. As a tar heel she wanted to fit in and make friends at school. She did everything and anything she thought a tar heel would do. She thought rushing for a sorority would help her fit in. The school was known for there Greek Life. She decided she was going to rush and she did. She knew hat this wasn’t her, but she wanted to fit in and make friends so badly she would do anything to be a true tar heel. She walked into the carolina Inn and sat at a table and was handed a box of tissues, water, and an index card. She heard back from one sorority out of 10.  Having just hearing from one out of ten made her realize that she wasn’t meant for a sorority but she signed her name anyways. The sorority she was in promoted outdated things, stereotyped things, and exclusion, and also poor self esteem and eating disorders. All those tendencies discriminated against her and all her “sorority sisters” made fun of her weight and everything. That’s when she knew it was a huge mistake to join a sorority.

Class blog #1

Tom Junod, “Falling Man” was an article about 9/11. This article explains about a guy who unfortunately doesn’t make it and falls between the twin towers. “In the picture, he departs from this earth like an arrow”. This quote explains how he fell by seeing the picture. This article was somewhat positive about the guy. “Although he has not chosen his fate, he appears to have, in his last instants of life, embraced it”. That quote shows that he looked like he had no regrets in life and that he was ok that his time has come. He didn’t look scared. Some other people “shirtless, their shoes flying off as they flail and fall, they look confused, as though trying to swim down the side of a mountain”. The guy was calm and going with the flow, he new he couldn’t help what was going to happen. While the others looked frazzled. “In all other pictures, the people who did what he did, who jumped, appear to be struggling against horrific discrepancies of scale”. That quote explains the difference between this one guy and everyone else. This article really explains how the different reactions of people showed by just that one picture. “Falling Man” was a good way to explain a picture. Junod wrote what he saw in the picture and what it meant to him. I felt like it was very well explained and a very good article.